Chagrin Falls council to consider construction variances

Barbara Christian
Jul 16, 2014

CHAGRIN FALLS – Council called a special meeting for 7. p.m. Wednesday to consider seven variances, all of which were recommended for passage by the zoning appeals board during its June 24 meeting.

The variances were to be heard Monday by council which has final decision on the allowances. They were not address because minutes from the zoning meeting had not been completed.

The variances are for properties at:

49 W. Washington St. — Owner Todd Goldstein plans for a new home and requested relief for a front yard setback of 22 feet from the code requirement of 30 feet; an 8-foot, 1 inch front entrance feature from the code allowance of 6x feet and a side yard setback of 6-feet, 3-inches from the 10 foot side yard setback required by the code.

119, 121 E. Summit St. – Owners Bartolomeo and Amanda Giannattasio propose to build a 3,780 square foot home on their Falls Walk Subdivision property and asked relief from the 2,800 square foot maximum size designated for the cluster home development.

44 W. Orange St. – Robert Vitt, owner of the River Walk at Chagrin Falls LLC condominium development has requested a variance from the 35 foot height maximum for homes so he may build the last of his units at 46 feet and applied for relief from the 25-percent maximum driveway coverage for front yards for a driveway covering 60 percent of the front yard.

22 W. Orange St. – Located in the retail district, owner Orange West Properties LLC has asked for variances to allow a restaurant, glass studio and offices at the property with existing on-site parking which does not meet the 10-foot requirement between the parking area and rights of way on Williams and W. Orange Streets or residential properties on the north. Because of established conditions presented by the existing building and property, there is no buffer along Williams or West Orange and N. Main Streets and 1-foot, 6-inch buffer area to the north. Also requested was a variance for the access drive whose center line is 23 feet from the intersection of Williams and West Orange where 50 feet is required and resulting in a 27 foot variance request.

47 W. Cottage St. – Applicant West Cottage LLC has requested a variance for a front yard setback of 22 feet for a new home against the required setback of 35 feet. The second variance requested for 24.5 percent lot coverage of the main building against the code limit is 20 feet.

305 Solon Road – Tim Scarl, owner of a corner lot and newly built home, sought appeal to the chief administrator’s decision to require sidewalks on both sides of the property which borders Monticello Drive. His claim that sidewalks on the Monticello side where there is no connecting sidewalk. The applicant also claimed the $6,000 cost presents a financial hardship.

269 Bentleyville Road – Property owners Robert and Mary Jo Weber plan to build a single family home on the flat part of their hillside property close to the river and will require a long driveway to gain access. Because of the topography, they will need a variance to that section of the code that provides the maximum grade on driveways not exceed 10 percent. Mr. and Mrs. Weber’s driveway will have a maximum grade of 12 percent.

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