Preview Package

3 West Summit
Preview Package
September 6, 2019


This binder is a preview package of a proposed development on a site know as 3 West Summit St. The site currently has one historic house situated in relative close proximity to West Summit St. The 1+ acre site is zoned R-60 requiring 9000 sq.ft. per lot. We are proposing to subdivide the parcel to permit the construction of 4 new residential dwelling units plus the relocation and renovation of the existing historic home. The fact that the site is in excess of 45,000 sq.ft. would permit the subdivision into the 5 lots. Due to the geometry of the site we will require some variances with respect to the dimensions of the various parcels.

This is a hillside lot and thus would fall under the hillside ordinance to permit the development we are proposing. We have retained a geotechnical engineering firm and they have undertaken and completed the drilling of 4 bore holes to determine the subsurface conditions of the hillside. This binder contains a copy of their preliminary report along with their boring logs. Additionally, we have retained Midwest foundations, Charlie Grant P.E., to do the engineering necessary for the required retaining walls to permit the construction of the 3 residential units fronting on West Cottage St. Charlie Grant was the engineer for the retaining wall on the Riverwalk Development. Midwest Foundations was also the contractor that underpinned the structure on West Orange St immediately West of Riverwalk. This Binder contains preliminary drawings of a proposed hillside retention wall system, which is currently being evaluated by the geotechnical engineer Ted Wertz. We have had the property surveyed and staked by a professional registered surveyor. He also undertook the creation of a new topo to facilitate the requirements of the hillside ordinance.

Also, within this binder is a home inspection report of the existing historic structure. The report contains 100 pages of information, much of it negative, with respect to the current condition of the existing structure. We are currently evaluating the best approach to retain and renovate the historic structure if it is financially feasible. Included in the binder are floor plans and elevations of the existing house and a potential redo of the house floor plans and elevations. If the house can be salvaged and renovated, we propose to move it 60’ west and put on a new foundation and suitable basement. The proposed relocation is shown on drawing no. 2 in the binder. It would have a new garage located to the rear of the residential structure, accessed by a open sided covered porch. The existing driveway would be the location of the new driveway extended to the new garage. Relocating the existing house would allow the creation of a new building lot on the north east corner of the parcel.

Additionally, there is an existing structure that was formally a garage and currently a carport that is located on the north west corner of the property. This garage structure is in very poor structural condition and can not be saved. We would propose its demolition. I am not aware of any special historic or architectural status or importance of this building.

In the course of redevelopment of this property, obviously the majority of the mature trees would be removed. Following the construction, the site would be totally re-landscaped to the highest standards, complimenting the luxury housing being developed on the site.

This proposed development would be a ten-fold increase in the real estate tax revenues based upon what we forecast the sale price of the individual units. An additional revenue stream would be created by the development of the 5 premium properties by the village income tax that would be paid by the individual property owners.

I would appreciate your review of the information contained herein and provide comment so that we can continue to move forward.

Robert Vitt